The charming village of the 3 Vallées.

Marvellous village resort, Saint Martin de Belleville combines the joy of intense skiing with an authentic Savoyard charm. Saint Martin is fully integrated into the ski area of the Vallées. Saint Martin de Belleville is an alternative place for ski lovers who are looking for an authentic village, away from the rush. There is no noisy discotheque, just the quiet gentleness of a Fairy tale Christmas village.

You are in another world, but all the choices and facilities are available: a rapid access to the 3 Vallées ski area via a brand new gondola, a children’s village - the Club des Piou Piou – for your children from 2 and half years old, and numerous shops with all the products and services that you could require. Saint Martin de Belleville is an ideal place from which to discover the Vallée.


Savoy, Vanoise Mountain Range, Vallée des Belleville
Altitude: 1 450 metres


Ski France charm village resort, huge ski area, family skiing.

Saint Martin de Belleville is also:

  • Evening torchlight visits of the village
  • Chemins du Baroque visits

The Belleville musical rendez-vous